Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No New Cards Today

So sorry, no new cards today. I have been busy working on some Christmas gifts for school and home (where my son lives) staff. My hope, when I am finished, to be able to post my first tutorial. Now, don't expect anything fancy because I sure am not an expert at doing that sort of thing. But, I was not able to find anything out in blogging land to help me. So, I adapted.....and thought you might like it too.

What is it that I am making, you ask? Well, I adapted someone elses 2 bottle Frappuccino Carrier into something I liked a bit better....shorter and more narrow. I like the Frappuccino okay enough and don't mind buying it when it is on sale. I have stashed away about 12 bottles. But, I find that I will need about 9 more bottles.....and this week our grocery store has the 4 packs on sale for $4.99. I have enlisted the help of my DH to drink some of them.

I will post pictures when I get them finished....still have to find some great ribbon about 1" wide to accent the boxes. Tomorrow afternoon, I will stop at Michael's and Hobby Lobby (with coupons in hand) to see what I can find.

Talk to you later and Happy Crafting always!

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  1. Hiya Cindy cannot wait to see what you have been making,hurry up with the photos hehehe xx jo xx