Friday, January 30, 2009

Organization and Stashes

Thanks to those of you who commented on my blog so far, I do appreciate you!

Well, I don't have a photo to post today because I don't have anything new made up yet. But, I have been gathering ideas and I am about ready to dive into the new papers and ribbons I picked up a few weeks back. I have to get my Valentine's cards made and want to do something cute to decorate our front door, hutch and table too.

Wayne has finally gotten the word that he will be working in Phoenix for the next month. He is an IT consultant for a firm in San Francisco. So, I will have 2 weeks that I will be able to work on things and not be interrupted. Though I will miss him terribly, I always do.

I have been organizing my craft area again and for a good reason. I had stashes of stuff everywhere!! Stuff that I did not even know existed or, until I got it out, didn't know I had so much of. For instance, it.....and everytime I see some new chipboard at my LSS (For Keeps Sake...shameless plug, they are so good there!)...yup you guessed it, I buy it. Not to mention Stampin' Ups flowers and frames. And I save all the templates from letters I have used know just in case I need that shape again! I know I am not an isolated incident, I know there are others just like me out there!!

Well, now I have to get creative to find ways to contain it and more importantly...use it!! But, I only have so much surface space to display jars. So, maybe what I need to do is try to use a bit of it on everything. Yeah, right.....right along with the hardware, ribbons, scraps, etc. that I am swearing to use.

But, back to the organizing......I decided that January is a really good time to sit down and take stock of what I thought I had to have in October and November to get ready for Christmas gifts. I have enough Christmas paper and trims to make gifts for this year!!!! I am making my list of gifts now and starting to is never too early!! I just ordered nugget tins and plastic jars for Denise's Lotion. It may be too soon for decorating the nuggets but, at least I can get the tins ready. And the lotion can be made up ahead of time will be great for all the teachers and therapists at my son's, Clark school.

Maybe later today I will post a photo on the really great cabinets my Wayne made for me to store my stamps and Iris cases. Who knows, maybe I will even get some Valentine's day pretties made up to post as well!

Happy Crafting friends!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Distressed Love

Sometimes love is stressed especially when you live with another human being, life partner, friend and soulmate. I love my husband dearly, wouldn't trade him for anyone else but....yes, there is always a but.....I could have killed him Friday night over this incident (and he me).

Friday morning DH decides that tonight we should make Pizza by scratch. Okay, I'm game...though I have never done this before and the thought of it frightens me a bit. He hands me a couple of recipe books with Pizza Dough recipes....I choose California Pizza Kitchen. Good pizza, right?! So, I go out an buy the needed ingredients along with my errands for the day.

Now he has agreed to help me make them, right? Well, the dough needs at least 2 hours rising time, then it has to be punched down and sit overnight in the fridge (according to the recipe). Well, by the time I got home it was 5pm...DH finishes his work day (working at home for the next couple of weeks) at about 5:30....Hmmm if we start now the dough will be ready by 7:30 and maybe we can eat by 8pm. That is usually the latest we ever eat but, I am okay with that.

Okay so let's jump ahead a bit.....(kitchen scene) it's now 9pm we are both extremly hungry because we still do not have the pizza yet and we are angry with each other for getting in each others way (kitchen too small). The pizza was to be cooked on a pizza stone in the oven....we do not have one but, we had a large terra cotta pot tray (never been used for plants and DH bought to try with his new grill) and DH decides to cook in his grill . Okay....all sounds like a plan.....but, the pizzas had to be transfered from the kitchen counter, where we made them to the pot tray stuck to the counter!!! That did not all over counter@#!!! So, he decides to make a Calzone now and pretty much throws it all on the pot tray on the grill.

He continues on, because he really wants this to work.....but, it came out burned and uncooked inside! That's when I gave up.....gave up trying to help, to talk to him and to look at him. I just kept on cleaning up the HUGE mess! Finally...after he tried picking through the pizza mess...he came over and gave me a huge hug and a much need appology. What did I eat? The left over meat and veggies....had a good taste but was totally unsatisfying!!

The conclusion of my story is.......practice earlier in the day; read the recipe first before you start cooking; practice some more; when you see that dinner is not working the pizza man on the corner; don't let one little meal ruin your love for each other and most importantly, laugh at your mistakes!

Okay about my first for you!! Pick a Petal has got to be one of my favorite sets! I wanted something simple but a little distressed....because love sometimes is not quite perfect. I masked the petal shape to create a heart using Rose Red. When masking a shape, cut just inside the shape to get a more crisp least that is what works for me. The Certainly Celery piece was stamped with the flower from Baroque Motifs, crumpled and the edges distressed.
Have a great Sunday and happy crafting!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My New Adventure

Hello and Welcome to my new adventure! I decided, after some prodding from my husband, Wayne, to start this blog to share my crafts and maybe bits of my life. I hope that doesn't sound too boring because I am not a boring person. Rather chatty most would say and that's okay.

I have been crafting and sewing from a very early age. My Dad, who is also very artistic, put me on his lap and taught me how to throw a pot. My Mom taught me how to sew....though I think she just put fabric, needle and thread in front of me and off I went making doll dresses. My creative abilities include sewing, quilting, cardmaking and papercrafting in general, floral design and gardening.

My hope is that you will visit my site occasionally and take away some tip or idea to use in your life or to give as a gift perhaps.