Monday, June 22, 2009

More Father's Day and a Lovely Surprise!

Spent part of the morning with Clark has his home. The day before Clark and I worked on his gift to Dad, a Chili Grill. You hollow out Jalapeno peppers, stuff them then set the whole thing on the grill. Wayne loves hot peppers!! Anyway, I had this stamp of the grill and that is what Clark chose to make the kraft paper wrap and the paperbag card. Not very sophisticated but, Clark thought it was funny. I you notice something weird about Clark's teeth, he had been drinking blue Gatorade!
After time with Clark we drove to the cemetary to see Dad's plot. When we got to his section and started looking for his number, I was so surprised to see that his headstone was there and grass had started growing. In fact, it made me cry.....well, maybe it was because it was Father's Day and I was missing him. That look on my face was me crying.....asked Wayne to take another, he did and it was worse.

We spent part of the evening together, no one cried but you could feel the tension. Everyone is trying so hard to be supportive to each other but, there are already some hurts happening because of things that have been said. All I can do is pray for guidance for each of us to be strong and know that Dad is okay.....and so will we.
Hope you had a nice weekend! Have a great day!


  1. Cindy, Your card is cute! Sounds like (even though Father's day was a difficult day) You had a nice weekend. Even with your "Tears" you are a very pretty lady...enjoyed seeing the pic of you.

  2. Blue Gatorade gave me a stroke because I thought my son was having some sort of breathing problem and was turning blue which scared me until he said it was the gatorade. No more blue for him after that:)

  3. Cindy, Very cute card. I'm sure he loved it. Hang in there hun, you're in my prayers.

  4. Cindy my thoughts are with you at this difficult time! hugs... you card is lovely xx jo xx

  5. Nice card --I am sure he loved it!
    I have noticed that the grieving process is an up-and-down ride. Some days you feel the joy of knowing your loved one is in heaven, and other days you just want to cry. So that's what you should do, and don't feel bad about it. God originally made us to live, not die, so that's why death, even know we know it is coming, is so painful. I'll be praying for you as you walk this are NOT alone.
    Thanks for your comments on my SCS card, too!

  6. Such a warm loving day to remember and it was hard too... hang in there Cindy! Sweet card and love the rustic feel! Clark has good taste!! TFS... Michelle :)