Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Tin For Brittany

I have finally finished the gift Clark is giving to Brittany...I had to get his approval yesterday. I filled it with shades of Pink nail polish, chocolates and a stretchy valentine's bracelet. Because Clark lives in a group home and I can not trust that this will get to school in one piece (or even get to school at all)...I will take it tomorrow myself. Meeting Clark at his school when he gets off the bus allows him the opportunity to carry it into school on his own.

All the extra work can be frustrating at times, but
what am I supposed to do? As much as I would
like to yell at the folks at his home, I can not or
otherwise I am afraid that they will take out their
possible anger at me on Clark.

I have learned, through much experience and time, that I have to pick and choose my battles. Better yet, I measure everything on the "On a scale of 10..." or "In 6 months will this really matter?" Guess we all do that in some manner or another.

I guess the bottom line is...Clark is worth the extra effort!! Dissapointments, frustrations and all.

So, now you know what I have been working on, crafty wise, the past few days. In addition, I am getting ready for my In-Laws visit next weekend and preparing to go on vacation the following weekend. I have been shopping for the Orlando...and cleaning like a crazy woman.

Oh yeah, I am still organizing downstairs in the evenings too. I think I am more busy since I quit work than before!!! Why is that? Let me know if you come up with something. LOL!

Ok, I have rambled is all the details on the tin - In the close-up of the heart on the front of the tin, I cut paper flowers in thirds and glued them to the back of the heart, doodled around the edge of the heart, added stamped hearts and dots of Stickles. Kept wanting to put some type of word there but stopped to keep it simple.

  • Paper - Scrappy Cat
  • Stamps - SU Short & Sweet, Rubber Paper Tapestry, Happy Heart Day
  • Ink - SU Whisper White Craft Ink and Pixie Pink Classic Ink
  • Accessories - Rusty Pickle Chipboard Heart, Paper Flowers, Assorted SU and Non-SU ribbons, Large and Small Tag Punches, Foam Tape, Modpodge - Matte and Glitter

Thanks for looking and Happy Crafting!!



  1. OH MY, This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Im sure that Brittany is going to love it.. TFS. You have a very lovely blog here.

  2. This is so wonderful! I love all of the colors together. It's so happy! I love that you filled it with nail polish and chocolate...2 of the best things in life.

  3. This is gorgeous Cindy, such beautiful papers with the bright colors!