Monday, October 5, 2009

Two-Bottle Frappuccino Carrier

Well, finally, I have this finished....though not filled yet, too early for that. But, at least if you choose to make this you have plenty of time to do so before gift giving time. I found the general idea and though Lauren did not have actual directions, I got enough from her post to make it work for me.
Now, let me say, that I am not perfect....don't claim to, if you find something amiss, please let me know and I will fix it.
Lightweight Cardboard (I used the back of a 12" x 12" designer
paper pack and another small piece)
Adhesive ( I used a combo of wet glue, glue stick and stickytape)
Scissors Bone
Paper Cutter
Score Pal
Designer Paper
Corner Rounder Punch
Large Oval Punch (or Key Tag Punch)
Tacky Tape of some type
1. Cut the cardboard into an 8 1/2" x 11" rectangle (this is your carrier body).
2. Score the short end of the carrier body at 3" and 5 1/2" and score the long end at 3" and 8".
3. Using your cutter, cut the short end at the 3" and 5 1/2" score lines up to the 3" score line on
both sides. Fold on all score lines using the bone folder, making sure you line up all edges.
4. You will now cut 1/2" off of each of the 3" x 3" flaps, be careful not to catch the center flap in
the cut. This is important when you put your carrier together that these cuts are even. You
will also need to cut about 1/16" off the center flap (this is so it does not stick up when you put
the carrier together).
5. Add your sticky strip to the inside of all 4 end flaps and to the inside bottom of carrier bottom
(this is where your handle will be attached). Set aside.
6. Cut 2 handle pieces from cardboard 2 1/2" x 10". Score at 8" on each piece; this will be where
you fold out and attach to carrier bottom later.
7. Corner round each corner of one end of each handle piece. Put handle pieces together, do not
adhere yet, and punch handle out centering and down 1/2" from top. Set aside for now.
8. Now you are going to cut your designer paper; which will decorate the outside of the carrier body
and handle. Cut 2 pieces 3" x 10 1/16" (this tiny smidge will help with the corners, trust me)
and 2 pieces 2 1/2" x 7 1/4".
9. Score the body pieces at 3" and 8".
10.Corner round and handle openings on the handle pieces to match the cardboard pieces. You may
adhere the DP to the cardboard handle piece before you punch. Then adhere the two cardboard
pieces together. Fold out the scored sections, so that your handle piece looks like an inverted "T"
11.Remove the liner from the stick tape and adhere the handle to the bottom, one side at a time,
making sure that it is centered. You may need to trim a tiny bit off the end or sides to make a
good fit. *In fact, you may want to check the fit first before you stick!
12.Adhere the DP to the carrier body. Do not adhere the ends until after you have constructed one
side of the body by folding up the center flap and folding over each end on one side. Now you may
adhere those DP flaps to the cardboard end, gently creasing as you go. Complete the other side of
the carrier the same way.
13.Hooray! You have just completed your carrier and you are ready to decorate it!
I hope you enjoy making this, I did but, then I love a challenge! Let me know if I can help you in any way. The snowflake is made with a chipboard piece with Whisper White Craft Ink, Heat and Stick Powder and Dazzling Diamonds Glitter.
Happy Crafting!!
10/6/09 On a side note; the bottles will have a snug fit with my dimensions. I chose to do this because I wanted to put less effort into the bottles since the carrier was the main focus. If you want to decorate your bottles more, you will want to change the dimensions to 3" x 6" and forgo the cutting of the end flaps. You will also have to cut your strips of designer paper to 11".


  1. Cindy this looks like a lot of fun to make! I have embellished the jars before but never the container. Great job (:

  2. That looks like a fun project! Thanks for sharing! I'm enjoying your blog...just found it! hugs, michelle

  3. Hiya Cindy,Well this project was worth the wait,it is fab!!! I really love the colours/paper, what a fab gift idea! xx jo
    BTW the answer to your question is YES i will be going to Australia to visit my son as i cannot go a whole year without seeing him.xx jo xx

  4. Cute project, thank you for sharing...

  5. what a fun project and fun paper you used for it.

  6. Oh Cindy this bottle gift set is just adorable!! So fun and cheery for the holidays coming... :) And the snowflake is the perfect touch! Very inspiring... TFS! :)