Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Signs of Spring

Hey there! Yes, yes, I am working on more cards but, I needed to take a break and show you what is going on in our garden, so far,this spring. I don't know which season I love more here....Spring or Fall. How about you?

This Bradford Pear tree is a different variety than the ones you normally see. We chose it a couple of years ago because when bad weather strikes, this tree holds up better. I love looking at the showy blossoms, too bad they don't smell as good as they look!

The violets are transplants from my Mom's house....she tells me she treats them as weeds! My mouth dropped open. I love violets, pansies and johnny jump-ups. Just something about the cute faces!!

Finally, this geranium is about 4 years old. We winter it over in our basement under grow lights starting about February. That's when we start giving it water and fertilizer too. We bring all our tropical plants....hibiscus, plumeria, jasmine, passion flower, bouganvilla and geraniums Oct. 1. They don't get any water or fertilizer until March. It is so nice to see a bit of summer so early!

Okay, okay....I will get back to making something now. I wish I had the finances to get some new stamp sets! I am getting tired of using old ones.....like Spring, I need something Fresh!

Went to see Clark at the hospital today and he is going home tomorrow. He is so happy and so are we not to have to sit one more day in that hospital!!

Have a great day and Happy Crafting!!



  1. Wow I don't think we will be seeing any signs of spring like that around here for a while. I sure can't wait though.

  2. OH The flowers are all just Beautiful..Cant wait for my flowers to bloom. Hey Cindy if you will e-mail me your address I would be happy to send you some images to play around with..I think my e-mail add. is in my profile..
    Big Hugs Linda

  3. Your flowers are so gorgeous! I wish spring would really come here. We woke up to snow for the 2nd day in a row. It's starting to get to me! Thanks for sharing your spring pictures to cheer me up.