Friday, January 30, 2009

Organization and Stashes

Thanks to those of you who commented on my blog so far, I do appreciate you!

Well, I don't have a photo to post today because I don't have anything new made up yet. But, I have been gathering ideas and I am about ready to dive into the new papers and ribbons I picked up a few weeks back. I have to get my Valentine's cards made and want to do something cute to decorate our front door, hutch and table too.

Wayne has finally gotten the word that he will be working in Phoenix for the next month. He is an IT consultant for a firm in San Francisco. So, I will have 2 weeks that I will be able to work on things and not be interrupted. Though I will miss him terribly, I always do.

I have been organizing my craft area again and for a good reason. I had stashes of stuff everywhere!! Stuff that I did not even know existed or, until I got it out, didn't know I had so much of. For instance, it.....and everytime I see some new chipboard at my LSS (For Keeps Sake...shameless plug, they are so good there!)...yup you guessed it, I buy it. Not to mention Stampin' Ups flowers and frames. And I save all the templates from letters I have used know just in case I need that shape again! I know I am not an isolated incident, I know there are others just like me out there!!

Well, now I have to get creative to find ways to contain it and more importantly...use it!! But, I only have so much surface space to display jars. So, maybe what I need to do is try to use a bit of it on everything. Yeah, right.....right along with the hardware, ribbons, scraps, etc. that I am swearing to use.

But, back to the organizing......I decided that January is a really good time to sit down and take stock of what I thought I had to have in October and November to get ready for Christmas gifts. I have enough Christmas paper and trims to make gifts for this year!!!! I am making my list of gifts now and starting to is never too early!! I just ordered nugget tins and plastic jars for Denise's Lotion. It may be too soon for decorating the nuggets but, at least I can get the tins ready. And the lotion can be made up ahead of time will be great for all the teachers and therapists at my son's, Clark school.

Maybe later today I will post a photo on the really great cabinets my Wayne made for me to store my stamps and Iris cases. Who knows, maybe I will even get some Valentine's day pretties made up to post as well!

Happy Crafting friends!!


  1. Hey Cindy! I'm loving your blog, and your pizza story was the funniest!!! I can certainly relate! Good luck with your organizing, and I'm anxious to see some pics of all of your creations!

  2. That Denise's lotion is from heaven! What a great idea to start decorating containers for it. We'll blink and it will be Christmas!