Saturday, June 26, 2010

Waaaay To Long Away.....

Friends, it has been far far too long since I have posted anything....really far too long since I have made anything worthy of posting. Since April life has been a roller coaster of sorts. Most of my time was spent divided between finishing the semester at college, preparing for Clark to transition out of school and gardening.

I did marvelously well with my class in Soils....earned an A. That will look nice on my transcripts should I ever decide on looking for a job some day. During that time I took some tests to find out if I was going in the right direction....I continue to have doubts about this field for my future. All the tests I took pointed to, I will be checking that field out within the next few weeks.

Gardening in our yard certainly keeps getting better and better. Though takes more and more work it seems like. We added one new garden in the vicinity of our Oak Tree. Wayne put in a delightful edging which just finishes things off so nicely. Planted some Knock Out Roses and Lilac bushes. Then finished up another garden that was started last fall with more Knock Out Roses in a light yellow and Butterfly bushes with seeds scattered for now. Next year we will have the $$$ to plant a few more shrubs and perennials there. Still have to finish the paver walkway and build another. But, they will have to wait for fall. I will post some pictures of our gardens soon.

Clark's circumstances are a source of much worry and concern, always. It will take too long to post all of what has gone on in the past two months to put here and I am sure that most of you would just be too bored to read it. So, I will post again tomorrow with some pics of him and the story....cuz you know, I got stories!

Okay, about these cards......I was wanting something to do in front of the TV. So, I went through my SU Simply Scrappin' kits.....folks if you have never used these, they are wonderful for making cards and scrapbook pages!! I wanted to use up some of the older ones. That is what I did with this one.....Delight in Life. One of my all time favorite SAB kits! I made 32 cards all together here......I made another 30 something when I first got it. Not listing all the supplies, if you want to know something, just ask.

Thanks for looking. Have a wonderful summer weekend!



  1. WOW!! These are all just beautiful.. good to see you..
    Hugs, Linda

  2. Beautiful! Well, I think you made up for not making anything in a while!!! LOL

    Carol B

  3. Your cards are lovely...and it's nice to see you posting again...

  4. Your cards turned our great, Cindy! Glad you got your MOJO back too!