Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dad's Artwork

Good Morning Friends! I promised to show you the painting Dad did for me quite a few years back. He took this from a little print that I had hanging in my first house in my previous life (meaning, married before). I always loved the floral still life with the huge variety of flowers.
Dad, not being a flower painter, took each flower and created it on watercolor paper, then cut it out and applied it to the already painted vase and scarf. Then he applied a fine rice paper, crinkling it ever so slightly. This photo does not do it justice. The print itself is 25 x 19 and hangs in my living room; it is one of the first things you see when you walk into our house.
When he gave this to me about 3 years ago, he also gave me all the drawings of the flowers and leaves. My Dad was extremely talented, had great creativity and good eye for color and proportion. I like to think that is where I get my talent from......I was so blessed to have him as my father!
Thanks for looking and happy crafting!!


  1. Hi Cindy this is a stunning piece of work..your dad must have made this with lots of love...Its a piece I could look at for a long time if seen IRL..a real treasure..I read your comm. on Clares post re naming her photos..there are some peeps who LIFT a bloggers work & claim as their own..shocking I know but it does go on..I dont believe peeps would want to do that with mine but work could be enterd into challs. or comps.. without you knowing hence putting your name on them..hope you dont mind me answering for Clare???

    Hugs Christine xx

  2. This is a beautiful picture! I will have to check it out better next time I am there! TFS!

  3. What a beautiful painting!! You must really cherish it, I know I would! Thanks for sharing his talent with us. Mary