Monday, May 4, 2009

More Crocheting

Good Morning Friends! Well, again I do not have a card to show you.....this has been a busy week...again! I have not been able to get out into the garden to do very much because of all the rain we have been having. Today and tomorrow promise to be rain free but the gound is so saturated, I can't plant only weed, trim and fertilize.

The first photo are the various flowers made with DMC floss in the Stampin' Up! In Colors. I think they match very well. The largest flower takes nearly 15 minutes to make and the smallest about 5 minutes. I have used one of the flowers on a card, which is posted about 2 weeks ago.

The second photo is the edging I created from various know a bit here and a bit there. I made it about 8 inches long because I do not know where I want to use it just yet. Though I am thinking it will be on a Mother's Day card....which hopefully I will post today!!!

And the last photo is a String of Flowers. I think they would be good to go around the edge of a circle or oval with sentiment. Or you could run a ribbon through the centers and use as embelishment on a card. Or, as one SCSer pointed out, attached to a headband for a sweet little miss.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations. Give me your e-mail address and I can send you the directions to any of these flowers. Some day I will find a way to post them on my blog to make life easy for you...until then...sorry.

Happy Crafting!!



  1. Fabulous flowers! The arrangement in your photo would look awesome on a pillow or framed...beautiful!

  2. Fantastic flowers.. Great job..
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Love these flowers you make! They are so fantastic. I envy you your crafting skills. Paper and glue is all I can do!

  4. OH DUH!! DMC floss...never thought of THAT!! LOL :) LOVE THOSE!! I'm gonna have to try them. ou are so talented!! It's been rainy here too. We're still waiting for the snow to melt on Black Butte though so we can plant our garden. That'll be super fun for my girls--they helped make the planter boxes for them. They're so excited to get started planting. :)

  5. How clever and how pretty too! They are going to look great with your beautiful cards!

  6. Oh, Cindy... these flowers are BEAUTIFUL creations!! I love them... You are very talented and can't wait to see them on cards!! TFS... Smiles Michelle :)

  7. Hi Cindy,

    I am wondering if you have a pattern that you are willing to share? I have been looking for a pattern - seems like forever. I would be forever grateful - you can email me at
    Thank you!

  8. The linkes aren't working in this post. I get an error.

    I'm with Pat. Where is the pattern to create these?

  9. Cindy, I am just learning to crochet. I haven't quite gotten all the hang of it yet, but I would love to have the directions. Maybe it will give me the impetus to learn more!
    leanne dot pugliese at gmail dot com

  10. I just stumbled across one of your cards on Splitcoast, so I came here to see if you had more crocheting. I've been trying various flowers and would very much like to have your flower patterns if you'd be willing to send them to me. Thank you very much. Donna Williams
    donnasuewil at hotmail dot com