Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Sunday Hello

I just wanted to tell you that Wayne and I worked in our front yard all day putting in a stone ring around our Ash tree. The grass was encroching on the little mound around the tree and starting to envelope the Ajuga I planted there last year. What a job that was....but, so rewarding to see the finished project. Tomorrow I will plant with red Salvia and white Alyssum.

When we moved into our house over 5 years ago, there was no curb appeal. Slowly we are turning it into something to be really proud of. Last year we had to replace the ugly teal green garage door. It had been bent and finally refused to work anymore. We replace it with a nice Ivory insulated door. Eventually we will replace the siding and match it to the door. Now when we drive down the street and are not struck with that dated color door.

It just amazes me how much work a house takes to keep it well maintained. On top of the mowing and putting in little gardens we have to maintain the back and side gardens too. Now I know why so many folks just keep it simple....not that there is anything wrong with that! Wayne and I just happen to love working in our fact it is the one area where we never fight (not that we do much of that even in our house!). It is so nice to have a true partner in life.

Our favorite things about our house....the paver patio under the deck where we sit many nights drinking wine and watching the cars go by; our open floor plan that includes the family room, dining room and kitchen and the fact that no one will ever be able to build behind our lot. Our least favorite things about our house.....the noise level that the street gives off (it's about 100 yards); galley kitchen; unfinished basement and no fireplace.

Well, that was just a little slice of our cards, no photos, no complaints...for today at least. Hope you had a good day today and an even better one tomorrow. If you don't hear from me much, it is because I have to get so much done in our garden on the nice days we have before it turns really hot and muggy! I will try to take photos along the way for you to see.

Happy Spring and Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Understand 100% on owning a house! Always something to keep us busy with updates or fix-ups! We may have frost by morning, but I plan to get my hands in the dirt this weekend.. LOL! I'm so glad your home is your "safe haven"!! :)