Sunday, December 19, 2010

Unfinished Board Book Dilemma

Okay.....can you believe it, I am actually posting on my Blog???? I can't go into any details right now about what I have been doing but, I will later.
For now I need your help. I am trying to figure out how to finish these board books as quickly as possible.
Hubby and I have 9 total nieces and nephews. Now, not all of them are recieving these books at this time. Only 4 are. The other 5 we are either Godparents or are just being nice to one family because of their financial circumstances.
The 4 we are going to give these books to are 11-15. One child is musically inclined, one is highly artistic, one is incredibly talented in sports and one is into the theater (the only boy of this group). So, my question is this....can I get away with just decorating the front, a few ribbons on the ring, some journaling tags and either some photo corners and/or double sided tape? I had thought to just put "My Favorite Photos" or "Photos I Love" on the front.
We do not usually give to these children because they are not our Godchildren.....that is the rules of the family I married into. But, this year we feel a bit more generous and I was crafty earlier in the year.
I appreciate your comments as always!


  1. My suggestion would be to let them decorate the the books. That way they can make it their very own. Supply them with different embellishments (ribbons, buttons, brads, etc.) They may enjoy doing that and it will let their creativity come thru too! Mary

  2. i agree w/ mary. i would add punched out letters. or stamped words that go along w/each of their interests.
    are they local to you? you could have them over to "finish up" their books. visit while they share your supplies. gayla